Web Site Traffic – I’ve Heard of That

Picture this:

You have a very lonely web site, because the only visitor this week was your Mom. You’ve spoken to loads of friends and they all think your product’s fantastic, and they were blown away when you said you’d pay them 60% of every sale they made. Trouble is they ain’t made any, and neither have you.

Ok Buddy, you can sit there in that quiet office listening to the clock: tick…tock…tick…tock, or you can even check your PayPal account for the hundredth time today just in case the ‘You’ve got funds’ email didn’t get through. OR:

C’mon buddy wake up, get your brain into gear. Start shouting and screaming, ANYTHING to get that crazy head working.

You’ve got a great product Right? A fantastic web site? You’ve even got folks wanting to sell the product (your Affiliates), but you’ve no sales. Why?

I’ll tell you why: No one knows how to sell it. You don’t know how to sell it. No one knows how to get Traffic. You and your AFFILIATES need TRAINING. Is it difficult? Heck no!

Ha! I feel better now I’ve got that off my chest. ;-)

Listen up: You pay the guy to cut your hair; you pay the guy to clean your car. So why not pay the guy to do your Affiliate Training? Cost a fortune? – No way!

Let me ask you some questions:

          Do you want more traffic?

          Do you want more sales?

          Do you want more profits?

          Do you want your Traffic and Affiliate Training to be done by someone else?

If you answered No, you ain’t got a pulse!

Here’s another:

        Do you want me to shut the heck up and tell you where to get your AFFILIATE & TRAFFIC TRAINING?

Ha! – Now I’ve got your attention.

The best Affiliate Training in the world is coming soon to your computer.


P.S. It’s so cheap; you’ll think your pockets are sewn up!

All the Best



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