Turning Web Traffic Into Buyers

When you have a shiny new web site you can be forgiven for continually checking your stats for traffic. After all the hard work we want to feel good when we see the visitor numbers. But all too soon the happy face disappears and is replaced by a frown. Then the nagging questions start and eventually realization finally hits you, ‘BAM’…. right between the eyes!

You’ve got visitors but no customers, and WOW that hurts :-)

OK, less of the self pity. You’ve got to start thinking…like a customer.

“Right, I’m on the site and I want to find out more because I’ve read an article and I’m really interested in teaching my parrot how to tap dance, wear shades and sing like Elvis”. (Don’t dwell on this folks, it ain’t real) :-)

Now you’ve got the visitor you need to do some soul searching and see it from their side, so here are a few pointers:


1.      Are they presented with clean styles, compatible colors and lots of space?

2.      Are your graphics meaningful or have you got more flashing lights than a funfair?

3.      Can they navigate around the site with ease and come back to the home page?

4.      Does your sales pitch lead them through a ‘story’ and then take them seamlessly to a Buy button?

5.      Can they contact you if they have questions?

6.      Does your pricing make sense?

7.      Is there a refund policy to make them feel comfortable?

These points are not meant to be definitive but merely to make you think and look at your site from a different perspective. Consider this: ‘How many times have you walked into a store and after a quick look round, walked out again because it didn’t appeal?’ I’ll bet you can relate to that one.

Make it easy, think outside the box, take your time, make it right and you’ll get there.

‘till next time,


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PPS: The parrot’s awesome :-)

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5 Responses to “Turning Web Traffic Into Buyers”

  1. Hi Barry,

    Great post ,this really is a refreshing way to look at your own website and why there are no sales , the mindset of the customer so to speak, well done TTFN….Ed.

  2. Hi Barry
    Great post. It’s always worthwhile to check out your own site from the view point of the visitor
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hi Barry, A funny and interesting post. I also like the look of your blog.
    Best of luck on the Masterclass course.


  4. Thanks for that Ray. I always try and sprinkle a bit of humour here and there because I think it helps to get the point over.
    All the best

  5. Barry,
    I like your site and the colors, especially the Gold. You’ve also
    got a lot of good information.
    All the best,

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