Training for Traffic

Gary Wilson decided he needed a fantastic Web Site because he thought he’d made the best darn comfortable sofa in the land. He’d spent a fortune getting all the best materials, and hours and hours crafting the most luxurious, eye appealing, downright comfortable sofa you could ever wish to own.

So Gary spent another chunk of money on a superdooper web site. It had everything, the entire buzz and razzmatazz and a top notch shopping cart to boot. It really looked the ‘bees’ knees’.

To top it all, Gary’s friends, who’d been watching him, because Gary was ‘the cleverest dude they knew’, said ‘Gary, you’ve got dozens of friends so we’ll all go out and sell the sofas for you’.

Gary thought he’d died and gone to heaven ;-)

Poor Gary

The days turned to weeks and the weeks to months and the tumbleweed blew through his office. (Well not quite, I put that in for effect!). But I think you’re getting my drift, he didn’t get any sales.  Gary wasn’t selling; in fact no-one was selling. He had no traffic.

In the local bar he sat sipping his beer, he could only afford a small one, and he told his sorry tale to the barman. Now, Barmen are really wise fellows who are all sent from heaven to put ‘Sorry for themselves Jerks’ back on track. The Barman said, ‘You’ve been trained to make great sofas and if you’ve trained your salespeople properly why haven’t they got any sales’? ‘I haven’t trained them’, exclaimed a rather sheepish Gary’, who suddenly realised he’d been hit over the head with a forty ton hammer, along with three dollars for the beer.

Epilogue – Before You Cringe.

Ok, Ok before you run off and grab a bucket to douse me with water; I’m only trying to make a point. Gary knew his stuff, and his friends (salespeople) were lovely folks but he didn’t TRAIN them ‘How to sell Sofas’, and he didn’t know how to get traffic.

No matter what product you’re selling, you MUST TRAIN your salespeople (Affiliates) how to sell your products. AFFILIATE TRAINING FOR TRAFFIC has to be top of your agenda, without training you have no sales, and without sales you have nothing.

Your Web Site sales people are your Virtual Army of Affiliates and I’m going to show you a training system, a system so easy it made Gary fall off his bar stool ;-)


As Always – Keep Smiling,



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