How Often Should I Blog?

Keeping people interested in your blog, whether it’s a business or a personal blog is the key to attracting a lot of regular visitors. Many blogs have run out of steam because their owners have lost interest.  If the writer loses interest so does the visitor who will not come back. One of the main reasons is simply a lack of posts by the blogger. Regular, frequent posting, which will boost your blog’s ranking in search engines, is essential to the survival of any blog.

As a Blogger you might ask: How frequent should you post, how many entries in a week, one or more than one? But the biggest question is: How do I write consistently good posts? Let’s try and break this down.

How do you decide what’s frequent?

Frequent blog posting is producing enough to keep your readers interested. Obviously, visitors will not want to come back to a blog that hasn’t been updated in months. They want to see regular posting so that they know coming back won’t be a waste of time.

How many blog entries per week?

This is a fairly hard question to answer. It’s all down to the purpose of your blog. With a personal blog maybe once or twice a week, a hobby blog probably three or four would be better. A business blog will need at least two to keep threads active.

The point to remember is that quality counts every time. Posting just for the sake of posting can result in unimaginative and uninteresting posts. In other words – boring. Whatever you do ‘Think Quality’.

How do I create quality postings consistently?

It’s all about following a pattern of writing and maybe you’re not a natural writer and find this is difficult. Let me give you an outline to help.

Pick a topic that is interesting to you as well as your readers. Your interest and enthusiasm will show through in your writing. If it’s a personal blog write as though you were talking to your friends telling them what’s happened today. If it’s a business blog, plan your topic. Make notes first by way of headings and ideas so you’re treating it like a road map. You know where you want to start and where you want to finish. This should make your writing flow when you’re filling in the content, and it will stop you from shooting off in different directions and possibly losing your reader. 

Unless you’re confident with your own knowledge of the topic make sure you do your research. Some of your readers may already know the subject and you don’t want them to think you’re just making it up. That’s a sure way of losing them.

In your planning stage pick out some keywords that are relevant to your blog. If you use keywords naturally throughout your post the search engines will rank your blog higher. Don’t flood your post with the same keyword or phrase, this will have a detrimental effect on the search engines and you’ll get nowhere. When writing your post don’t limit yourself to a particular amount of words. Let it flow and do what’s natural, but don’t get carried away you’re not writing a novel. Ideally 200 to 600 should see your post long enough to keep the reader interested but not too long for them to think you’re going on and on. If you find any part of the post is hard for you, just take a timeout and relax. You can always finish it a bit later. Remember don’t rush it. A good blog post should be enjoyed by both the writer and the reader. That way you’ll both want more.

Happy blogging and keep smiling.



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4 Responses to “How Often Should I Blog?”

  1. Thanks Barry!

    Once I got bloggin’ the ideas flowed easier and easier. Keep going!

    Doug ‘n Judy

  2. Hi Barry,

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    “I’ve tried article spinners and writers before but this is as real as it gets..”

    — Barry Newton

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    My article productivity will go through the roof. Well Done. “

  3. Hi Carl,
    Easy one to answer, because I’m in various niches I write under several pen names and I really do the research before I write, but by using different names I hope to keep credability. I have in the past used Aticle Submitters but with Directory Submitter I really feel in control of what goes where.
    All the best,

  4. Thank you, I love to read articles that are informative and beneficial in nature.

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