Hi Everyone,

With the sun glimmering through the lace curtains and the smell of fresh polish in the air. The silence gently broken by the ticking of the clock, and its’ deep but gentle chime sounding the hour. Pen poised above a clean white sheet of paper the young lady thought carefully and then began to write: Dear Diary……

I mean…WOW, fast forward 90 years or so. That was Blogging in the first instance. Thoughts put on paper to be read by every one and maybe no one. Although I must admit if you don’t get people to your Blog that bit might still be the same.

It was all about communicating your thoughts and ideas to others. From chalk stone on cave walls to squeaky nibs on rough parchment, and now to nimble fingers on a keyboard. Writing fine words was only for the educated and chosen few, but now its every man and his Blog (Ooops, sorry I couldn’t resist that).

“Good Heavens”, exclaimed Ma. “Our Jacks got a job with his jacket on”.

That’s progress. :-)

Seriously though, Blogging is the way to get your thoughts across. You can have a personal blog, dear Diary and all that, you can have a work blog, club blog, school blog, family blog, I hate my lousy neighbour blog, or even a make mucho lovely money blog,

(Now you’re talking).

This is such a fantastic subject I think I’ll explore this some more. I’m going to go away and then bounce back with another instalment. Is that ok? Just nod yes and I’ll be back.

Keep Smiling,



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