Blogging for Fun and Profit

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got my blogging hat on today and for those of you who don’t know, Blog is short for ‘Web Log’ which means it’s a online diary.

The main function of a blog is to communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, and have some fun while you’re doing it. I know lots of people say they can’t write but it’s not as difficult as you may think. I was talking to a chap once and I said, “What’s your grammar like”? And he said, “She’s about 5 foot, makes nice cakes and nearly eighty”. No, no, no. Not ‘Grandma’, grammar, English, putting sentences together – Oooh, Shish!

Anyway, apart from that if you write as though you were telling a friend a story or explaining to your pal what you did yesterday you will be surprised what you can do.

Step by Step.

The very first thing you need is get your blog online. “What!!! – I can’t do that, mumble, bumble, grumble….”, Now hold on buddy, it’s really, really easy and I’m going to show you how, right here, right this minute, now, pronto as soon as I’ve stopped blabbering.

In ten minutes from now you can have your blog online and it won’t cost you a cent because it’s Free. That’s right, zippo, zilch, nada, nothing. How cool is that? :-)

One of the most popular blogs available is from Wordpress and you can get a free Wordpress account from:, just click here and be whisked away to the Wordpress site.

1.      Click on the Sign Up Now button.

2.      Give yourself a user name. (Think about this first because it will be your blog address i.e., oliver(at) or CumberlandHigh(at) (example for a school blog)

3.      Enter your email address

4.      Agree to the legal gobble de gook

5.      Select the button ‘Gimme a Blog’

6.      Click next.

7.      Then ‘Sign Up’.


8.      Slump back in your chair as you view your blog online in the big wide world.

As easy as falling off a blog … ‘err log …. Sorry.

Wordpress has a great tutorial to help you get going, but I’ll be back with more Blogging goodies soon.

Keep Smiling


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